Friday, May 25, 2012

Reflecting on this past semester

So last night I said goodbye to one of my best friends, as she's leaving to study abroad in Italy for six weeks.  In September, my best friends and I started a traveling bracelet, similar to the pair of jeans in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  Each of us kept the bracelet for a week and once our week was over, we sent it to the next girl in line with a letter of what happened to us during the week, and a message for the girl receiving it.  Over Christmas break we read all of our letters from the first semester.  Last night when I was with my friends, we read our letters from this past semester.  I realized how so much has changed this past semester, so I wanted to reflect on it here.

I started my second semester of my sophomore year by returning to school a week early and participating in sorority recruitment.  I rushed eight sororities and ended up getting a bid for my top choice.  It was such a stressful week and I was so happy when I was able to get to start a new sisterhood.  After attending an all girls high-school, I was still looking for that sisterhood while at school that I had not yet found.  Two days later, I had piece auditions for my Dance Company, of which dances we would perform in our showcase in April.  I was happy to be chosen for four dances, plus our Company dance.  I was so excited for a great semester.  In February, my dance company and I traveled to New York City for JUMP Dance Convention.  We stayed in the city for the whole weekend and took classes with some of the best choreographers in dance.  It was so exciting to learn dances from these dancers that I had seen choreograph and dance on shows like So You Think You Can Dance.  The day before I left for NY, I found out who my "Big Sister" was in my sorority.  I was so excited to get the big sister I never had.  It was probably one of the best moments of being in the sorority so far.

Right before I left for Spring Break in March, I found out what position I had gotten in the Special Olympics Committee, which I had also been apart of this past year.  We work all year long to plan and prepare for Fall Festival in November.  Once we got back from break, I was able to attend our first meeting of the year.  It was great to reunite with all the members I knew from last year and to meet all the new members for this year.  We are one big family at Special Olympics and my life has changed so much by being apart of it.

April was full of a lot of dance rehearsals: for our Dance Showcase and for my sorority's Greek Week Skit.  Both turned out great and I couldn't be prouder!  Once both were over, I could focus on school and prepare for finals.  I can happily say I did great in all my classes and so excited to get this summer started!

Thanks for letting me share the highlights of my semester!

- Brown Eyed Girl

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hey, Sailors.

Yesterday marked the beginning of Fleet Week in NYC, when active military ships dock and the crews visit many tourist attractions throughout the city.  This makes many New York City girls very happy. I took a trip into the city yesterday and was delighted by the amounts of Marine and Navy men on every corner of Times Square.

My day started by joining my sister's school's Culture Day with a trip to the city to see Anything Goes on Broadway.  My mom and I had lunch at a pizzeria, Bella Vita, where I had a great grilled chicken panini.  We then met up with the rest of the girls in the Stephen Sondheim theatre on West 43rd Street.  The play had so many great musical numbers, with a lot of tap dancing.  I'm so glad I got to see it!

After the play I stayed in the city to meet up with my two of my best friends.  One of my friends is leaving for Italy for six weeks tomorrow, so we wanted one last night out in the city before she left.  We walked around Times Square for a while waiting for three of my other friends and decided on eating dinner at Olive Garden in Times Square.  After that we walked around the city a little more and then headed home (after taking pictures with some Marines of course).

It was definitely a fun filled day, enjoying summertime in the city!

- Brown Eyed Girl

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Summer!

I can finally say that I have finished my Sophomore year of college and I am officially a Junior!  This past semester had a killer work-load, so I am very happy it is finally over and I can be home with my family.  I have only been home for 5 days and I am already going a little stir crazy.  I have caught up on all the T.V. shows I missed during finals week, and flipped through all the available magazines in the house.  On top of that, most of my favorite T.V. shows have had their season finales within the last week (Once Upon A Time, Make it Or Break It, Gossip Girl, and Glee).  With 20 days left of my break before I start my summer internship, I definitely want to rest up as much as possible because I know once that starts up I will be super busy.  Hopefully the sun will shine and I can fit in a few beach days to start my summer glow (although some Jergen's Natural Glow doesn't hurt either ). 

Here's to a happy summer for all!

- Brown Eyed Girl